Organic September: My 5 reasons for choosing organic.


By now you must of heard the buzz around Organic September? It’s the UK’s largest celebration of all things organic and a perfect chance to find, try and buy organic products!

I am completely passionate about organic living and determined to only ever buy products and food that is chemical free and looks after our environment. I wanted to take this opportunity to share my top five reasons for choosing organic:

1: Unethical business practices of GM/ pesticide company’s.

2: Better for the environment. Saving our soil, which is vital for growing nutrient rich food.

3: Your body has to work and spend energy on neutralising poisonous chemicals and pesticides.

4: Avoid antibiotics, drugs and added hormones in animal products. Which can cause havoc with your own hormones.

5: Organic food has a higher nutritional value and tastes better

Rachel x

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