10 Reasons why you should definitely try floating.

Having been thinking about it for a while, I finally had my first float last week at The Float Spa  and it was incredible! So if you have heard about floating and are thinking about giving it a try, but are wondering how it can benefit you here are 10 reasons why you should definitely try floating! 


When you step into a float tank, you’re immersing your body in skin temperature Epsom salt saturated water while being suspended in a zero gravity like state.

You let go of your body and your mind calms down, allowing you to unwind and completely relax, activating your self-healing mechanisms and reconnect with your true self and explore within. Floatation has many benefits.

1. Ultimately relaxing

One of the biggest benefits to floating in a float tank is being able to completely disconnect and achieve that deep relaxation the body desperately needs. It might put you in the most relaxed and calm state you have ever been in, and it’s effortless!

2. Disconnect from the outside world and reconnect within

When was the last time you really cleared your mind of all the information we’re bombarded with every day?

The world is loud, both in the sound and visual sense and we are constantly processing information, whether we want to or not. When you step into a float tank, you can completely tune out the world.

It sounds different, but escaping into nothing is exactly what your mind wants. Once you deprive your senses, your mind can begin to relax and focus its efforts on the body. For those that don’t want to be completely shut off, ambient light and/or music is available.

3. Say goodbye to stress and anxiety

Stress continues to significantly affect our mental and physical health, often resulting in  anxiety and depression. It’s incredible what an hour in a float tank can do. Your fears, anxieties and worries melt away so that you can experience mental clarity and an improved sense of wellbeing.

Floatation therapy has scientifically proven effects when it comes to elevating people’s moods and relieving feelings of anxiety.

4. Feel like a million dollars

Laughing, working out and floating all share something similar, endorphins. Floating leads to feelings of euphoria and can do wonders for the rest of your body and immune system.

Just like working out, floating regularly can train your brain to release endorphins on a more regular and consistent basis which of course leaves you feeling happy, relaxed and ready to take on or end the day in a calm and focused way.

5. Effective pain relief

Without having to fight gravity, your joints and muscles get to take a well deserved break. With over 600 kgs of Epsom salt per tank, when you lay down, your entire body is instantly buoyant which releases the stress on your joints and muscles. The salt water also works wonders for inflammation and joint and muscle pain.

Floating is also particularly useful for the relief of back pain and Arthritis.

6. Boost magnesium absorption

Your skin is somewhat of a sponge and floating in clean, filtered, Epsom salt water is an additional benefit to floating. Epsom salt, a mineral compound of magnesium sulfate is also deficient in the average diet, particularly amongst those with high stress levels, demanding jobs and intensive work out regimes.

Allowing your skin to soak in all this goodness improves natural enzyme activity that helps reduce inflammation and pain as well as prevent cardiovascular disease. Soak in these important minerals also helps flush out toxins and eases migraines, headaches and other ailments.

7. Have radiant skin

The super saturated Epsom salt water is amazing for your skin. You will leave with soft, smooth and rejuvenated skin from head to toe. It also helps with acne and eczema.

8. Recharge your brain

The only time your mind gets to rest is when you’re asleep, but sleep is very much required for our bodies to continue working. When you float, you’re taking your mind to a place in which it can recharge itself and give you the same benefits of sleep while resetting your mind.

In what’s called the Theta state, gentle waves of relaxation engulf your body, you’re not quite asleep but in a meditative state as your body and mind disconnect.

Weightlessness triggers parts of your brain that will allow you to completely relax and allow creative forms of energy to pass through you giving you a sense of relief.

9. Spark creativity

With all external stimuli removed, your mind can wander. Floatation therapy has been found to balance left and right brain activity, causing an immense increase in creativity.

10. Enhance your athletic performance

If you work out regularly, floating is especially great as it is highly effective for recovery after strenuous athletic training. Studies have shown that floating reduces build up of lactic acid, cortisol levels (stress hormones) and adrenalin, rapidly alleviates fatigue, improves oxygen and blood flow and helps prevent sports injuries. It also helps improve sleep and enhances visualisation.

Rachel x

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