New Years Resolutions – Do you make them? Or do you think they are a waste of time?

I have mixed feelings about new year resolutions. I don’t believe that we need a set day to make a positive change in our lives, and I don’t like the pressure of having to make life changing resolutions on one particular day either.

Despite this I do use new year to set or reaffirm intentions. For me this year its:

1: Be grateful everyday. If 2017 has taught me anything it’s that you have no idea where life can take you or how suddenly things can change. As some of you may know I moved to Brighton to live with my boyfriend and his children, I had wanted to marry him and I have never felt for anyone the way I felt for him. Sadly our relationship broke down in late September and I suffered my first real heartbreak and my whole world was shook apart. A friend recently told me that to be happy we should drop expectations for appreciation. So this year I am going to try and drop all expectations and instead just be grateful for everything that happens and find the silver lining in all situations.

2: Slow down and be present. I hope this will help me give more to those around me and be a better presence in their lives. I have been too quick at wanting to do a million things at once and I don’t think it helps anyone. Moving forward I am going to focus on doing one thing at a time and doing it fully. This will also mean less scrolling on my phone!

3: Lose the fear.  I have started noticing how nervous I can be and often hide behind others or shy away from things rather than finding the confidence in myself and my own abilities. This year is going to be about pushing myself out of my comfort zone, stopping worrying what anyone else thinks and being the most warm, open and giving version of myself. I really want to push past my fear and embrace every new experience, new friends and new places.

Rachel x



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