Jade Roller Beauty Benefits


For the last year the beauty enthusiasts among us have been obsessed with traditional Chinese derma rollers made of jade – or other gemstones like rose quartz – which have seen a resurgence in popularity.

Jade rollers are not just a huge hit because of their low price tags:

Why the resurgence?

Their new-found popularity could be explained in multiple ways. Given that data from Pinterest’s 48 million beauty lovers reported that ‘derma roller’ pins were saved a major 345% more in 2017, there’s no denying the fact that they look good on social media. Then there’s the fact that the devices, used for facial massage, are said to help sculpt the features – by encouraging drainage and toning muscles.

The recent wellness movement marrying skincare with self-care may also play a part in its resurgence. As we’re all buying into crystal-infused beauty, it makes sense to incorporate tools made of gemstones that not only grant us time out for a ritualistic daily facial, but made of materials revered for their restorative properties, benefit our skin in multiple ways, too.

The beauty benefits

The main benefits of self-massage using a jade roller are that of “drainage”, by encouraging the lymphatic system’s natural detoxification process, and brightening – by boosting the circulation and blood flow beneath the skin creating a visible glow.

Jade is really good for evening your skin tone, for cooling and calming the skin and a way of treating yourself to a daily facial. Jade rollers also have a cool surface that’s super smooth and allows you to access into muscles and tissues with a pressure that is more effective than manual massage than your hands alone, while still being gentle and safe.

Technique tips

It’s best to use your roller on clean skin, before the use of your skincare products. Cleanse your face, then roller, then apply your eye products, serums and moisturizers. In the evening, you might like to add a little oil to the rolling action, in which case cleanse, apply a small amount of oil to the surface of the skin, use the roller and rinse off any excess oil left on the tool.

While seemingly simple, they can be used in different ways. It’s best to use the roller back and forth, up and down and out to the side, to get the most out of it for an uplifting massage. Working around your facial contours, adding more pressure with the upwards motion – you want to lift the muscles with this action.

To encourage lymph drainage, imagine the bridge of your nose is the central point and roll away from that in all directions. Imagine you are very gently rolling all the toxin build up outward and downwards, finally rolling outward along your jaw and down the channel that runs down your neck by your ear.

The best buy

The Yu Ling Jade Facial Roller come in a single (£18) and double (£22) version, the duel-ended one featuring a smaller stone on the opposite end for use around the eye area. Positioned as relieving tension, while giving the skin and tissue a ‘lift’, it’s got rave reviews on Cult Beauty where you’ll also find detailed instructions on how to use it.

Rachel x

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